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Giving a survivor blood to a patient might be aimed at seeing whether any antibodies the survivor made to the virus could help someone else fight off the infection. This approach has been tried in previous Ebola Nike T Shirts Just Do It

Among the deaths announced this week was that of the chief doctor treating Ebola in Sierra Leone, who was buried Thursday. The government said Dr. Sheik Humarr Khan death was irreparable loss of this son of the soil. The 39 year old was a leading doctor on hemorrhagic fevers in a nation with very few medical resources.

The Ebola cases first emerged in Guinea back in March, and later spread across the borders to Liberia and Sierra Leone. Outbreaks of the virus in previous years had occurred in other parts of Africa.

Nike Aeroloft Gilet

outbreaks with mixed results.

could be helpful for the government to have powers to isolate and quarantine people and it certainly better than what been done so far, said Dr. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. it works, we will have to wait and see. Unni Krishnan, head of disaster preparedness and response for the aid group Plan International, said closing schools could help as they bring large numbers of children together, which can amplify infection rates.

declaration of a state of emergency in Sierra Leone shows a recognition of the gravity of the situation, but we do not yet know what this will mean on the ground. What we can say is that it will be difficult to implement due to the fact that the cases are dispersed over such a large area, and that we currently do not have a clear picture of where all the hotspots are, she said.

Ebola now has been blamed for 729 deaths in four West African countries this year: 339 in Guinea, 233 in Sierra Leone, 156 in Liberia and one in Nigeria.

Almost half of the 57 new deaths reported by the World Health Organization occurred in Liberia, where two Americans, Dr. Kent Brantly of Texas and Nancy Writebol, a North Carolina based missionary, are also sick with Ebola. Officials at Atlanta Emory University Hospital said they expected one of the Americans to be transferred there the next several days. The hospital declined to identify which aid worker, citing privacy laws.

per cent fatality rate. Those in the throngs of death can bleed from their eyes, mouth and ears.

Rosa Crestani, Ebola emergency co ordinator for Doctors Without Borders, also known as Medecins Sans Frontieres, said it is at this point to gain the trust of communities that have been afraid to let health workers in and to deploy more medical staff.

Larson reported from Dakar, Senegal. Associated Press correspondents Maria Cheng in London, Jonathan Paye Layleh in Monrovia, Liberia and Carla K. Johnson in Chicago contributed to this report.

Nike Aeroloft Gilet

Brantly, who works for the aid group, did receive a unit of blood from a 14 year old boy who had survived Ebola because of the doctor care, Graham said in a statement.

No further details were provided on the experimental treatment. There is currently no licensed drug or vaccine for Ebola, and patients can only be given supportive care to keep them hydrated. There are a handful of experimental drug and vaccine candidates for Ebola and while some have had promising results in animals including monkeys, none has been rigorously tested Nike Sb Joggers

Experts say the risk of travellers contracting it is considered low because it requires direct contact with bodily fluids or secretions such as urine, blood, sweat or saliva. Ebola can be spread like flu through casual contact or breathing in the same air.

Nike Aeroloft Gilet

searches are not going to be easy, he said. will help is encouraging people to come forward when they see symptoms and seek medical help. Peace Corps also was evacuating hundreds of its volunteers Nike Aeroloft Gilet in the affected countries. after having contact with a person who later died from the Ebola virus, a State Department official said.

FREETOWN, Sierra Leone The death toll from the worst recorded Ebola outbreak in history surpassed 700 in West Africa as security forces went house to house in Sierra Leone capital Thursday looking for patients and others exposed to the disease.

In Moberly, Missouri, Liz Sosniecki said she got a call from her 25 year old son, Dane, a Peace Corps volunteer in Liberia. He had not been exposed to Ebola and expressed disappointment about leaving just six weeks after he arrived.

Nike Aeroloft Gilet

Nike Aeroloft Gilet

The current outbreak is now the largest recorded in world history, and has infected three African capitals with international airports.

Nike Aeroloft Gilet

Writebol is in stable but serious condition and is receiving an experimental treatment that doctors hope will better address her condition, according to a statement released by SIM, a Christian missions organization. Her husband, David, is close by but can only visit his wife through a window or dressed in a haz mat suit, the statement said.

Patients are contagious only once the disease has progressed to the point they show symptoms, according to the World Health Organization. The most vulnerable are health care workers and relatives who come in much closer contact with the sick.

The World Health Organization is launching a $100 million response plan calling for the deployment of several hundred additional health workers to help the strained resources in deeply impoverished West Africa, where hospital and clinics are ill equipped to cope with routine health threats let alone the outbreak of a virulent disease like Ebola.

Nike Aeroloft Gilet

Liberia president on Wednesday also instituted new measures aimed at halting the spread of Ebola, including shutting down schools and ordering most public servants to stay home from work.

2 aid workers might be brought back to US

Nike Aeroloft Gilet

Fears grew as the United States warned against travel to the three infected countries Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia and Sierra Leone soccer team was blocked from boarding a plane in Nairobi, Kenya, that was to take them to the Seychelles for a game on Saturday.

was only enough (of the experimental serum) for one person. Dr. Brantly asked that it be given to Nancy Writebol, said Franklin Graham, president of Samaritan Purse, another aid organization that has been working in Liberia during the Ebola crisis.

The disease has continued to spread through bodily fluids as sick people remain out in the community and cared for by relatives without protective gear. People have become ill from touching sick family members and in some cases from soiled linens. Many families have kept relatives at home to pray for their survival instead of bringing them to clinics that have had a 60 Nike Polo T Shirt

young boy and his family wanted to be able to help the doctor who saved his life, he said.

Nike Aeroloft Gilet

said, coming home. Sorry, she said, beginning to cry. a little emotional. It a relief. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued such a travel warning during a disease outbreak was in 2003 because of SARS in Asia.

in humans.

Nike Aeroloft Gilet

Nike Aeroloft Gilet

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