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Nike Fill Down Jacket

So, this series of articles gives you three general paths that may help you climb the mountain Nike Joggers Women Black

Nike Fill Down Jacket

Nike Fill Down Jacket

Nike Fill Down Jacket

As you can see, your rentals produce $579 per month in positive cash flow. I also assume you would save an extra $500 per month from a job or other income source.

You decide to buy easy to manage single family houses. Your target properties might be 3 bedroom, 2 bath homes with a garage, in a solid neighborhood in a good school district.

To do this snowball, you use every bit of the positive cash flow and extra savings to make an extra large monthly payment on one mortgage.

Nike Fill Down Jacket

A Snowball Plan ExampleLet's say you want to end up with 3 properties free clear. You could do more of course, but this will keep my example simple.

Nike Fill Down Jacket

In other words you put $84,000 per year in your pocket.

You work hard for a few months, and you buy three investment properties. Here are the numbers:

towards your free clear goal.

The Snowball PlanLike plan 1, the second plan is also safe and Nike Fill Down Jacket steady, but it differs by introducing some debt. Nike Sweater Navy Blue

Nike Fill Down Jacket

Your free clear goal might be, for example, to own 10 houses that together rent for $12,000 per month ($1,200 per house) and net $7,000 per Nike Women's Pants

Here is what your positive cash flow would look like once you get all three properties rented:

So, to purchase these three houses, you needed $90,000 cash plus good credit.

Nike Fill Down Jacket

Since you have good credit, at today's rates (in 2014) you plan to put 20% down and get a 4.5%, 30 year mortgage.

This addition of debt allows you to pay higher prices and buy higher quality properties than with the All Cash Plan.

2 to Free Clear Real Estate

Let's say each house rents for $1,200. After subtracting $500 in operating expenses, which does not include your mortgage payment, you would net $700 per month.

month after expenses.

Nike Fill Down Jacket

Nike Fill Down Jacket

Nike Fill Down Jacket

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