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This was absolutely fascinating to me.

The feeling I get when I speak with others to help them achieve their goals whether it's financial liberation from a job or just a few thousand extra dollars to help pay down credit card debt, it's the feeling of helping Nike Men Socks

David Versus Goliath and the Lessons Learned

There's a new book out called David versus Goliath by Malcolm Gladwell. Although I haven't finished reading it yet, one of the first chapters is about the correlation between making money and happiness.

But more importantly is the feeling I get when doing what I do instead of the actual moneymaking part of it all.

When you exceed 2 to 3 glasses per night and go into the four, five "kill the entire bottle", the effect on your health is obviously negative and somewhat harmful.

Intrinsic Motivation in House Flipping

Nike Gilet Black

More important than the money we make on our house flips is the feeling I get when we improve local neighborhoods, provide clean safe beautiful living space for a new family and help others achieve their dreams as well as gain continued employment Nike Blue Tech Fleece

But one of the most frustrating things for me when I first got into the "education" business (so to speak) was the fact that so few people took action on the things that we espoused both on posts here on this awesome platform as well as on our own site.

Our rationale for starting our local MeetUp wasn't to shill educational products.

Overcome your fears and take action

As many of us know, having one glass of wine each night has a positive impact on your overall health.

Nike Gilet Black

The analogy he used in explaining this had to do with health and wine.

Although not every single piece of content I've ever written is Pulitzer prize winning material, the basic message is the same over and over again:

in the many industries and people who help us with our flips.

As I've probably mentioned here on this blog, we are now doing a local MeetUp for real estate investors, tradespeople, Realtors and anyone who is interested in house flipping and buy and hold real estate investing.

Fascinating stuff in my opinion

between the level of a person's happiness to how much money they actually make.up to a certain point, then it drops off considerably.

He states that the same thing happens with wealth citing the $75,000 mark as that point of diminishing returns.

We certainly didn't do it for the money although with coaching and educational products, we all know there's an enormously rabid industry for this. We decided to do it because of our mission and what we want to do to help other people.

1 Most Important Lesson in House Flipping

and empowering others that really makes me feel tremendously good.

Getting back to the reason why we started our Nike Gilet Black meet up

Nike Gilet Black

Nike Gilet Black

Nike Gilet Black

Nike Gilet Black

Fortunately, my real estate investing and house flipping business is going extremely well right now and I'm very fortunate thankful (especially at this time of year) for all the good fortune I've had building my team and making money doing something I truly love.

Nike Gilet Black

Although I don't necessarily agree with the $75,000 per year in income (in my opinion it would be a few times that), the logic was fascinating.

If that consumption goes up to 2 to 3 glasses per wine per night, the positive health effect starts to diminish and somewhat level off.

Even if I never make a cent from our MeetUp group, the rewards so far has been tremendous. The idea of surrounding yourself with like minded individuals who all really want to be successful in the exact same industry you're in is unlike any other feeling I've experienced.

Nike Gilet Black

Nike Gilet Black

I found this chapter to be extremely interesting because Gladwell who does exhaustive research on each and every topic he ever writes about stated scientific evidence that there is a strong correlation Nike Womens Tracksuit Bottoms

He said that far more important than money to someone's happiness is the feeling of "contribution" in what they do professionally. He states in the book that at roughly $75,000 per year, you've reached a peak in your happiness with regard to money providing happiness. Anything after that, there's a downward slope of diminishing returns.

What does this have to do with house flipping?

As much fuss as there is about "making money flipping houses", it's not my true motivation nor is it the true motivation of anyone on my team.

Nike Gilet Black

Nike Gilet Black

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