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The point is, being rich looks different for different people and it completely based on what you value and hold dear to your heart.

What important to you, really?

So many of us can get lured in by the dream that we end up distracted, spread thin or worse, burned out.

Needs to Ask Themselves

There is a right way and a wrong way to go about this real estate thang, and the needed clarity to move forward starts with asking yourself the right questions.

My wife grew up in a developing country and has fought hard for what she has. I want to make this real estate thing work, so that she can liveVERYcomfortably as a stay at home mom (which is her passion and dream).

truth will set you free, but it will first make you mad! Rev. Curry Blake JGLM

To some it means driving the newest cars (which is awesome) or the ability to travel at will and on the Nike Gilet Mens fly. To others, it means living in a 10,000 sq ft house with luxurious design and comforts.

But do you know what those things are?

Nike Gilet Mens

1. I want to get to a point where I don have to worry about money so that I can focus the majority of my time on helping people. I used to be really active in Christian ministry, even leading a homeless shelter for a couple of months back when I was 19.

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Real estate can provide that for me, and it can provide that for you I want my wife to live a spoiled life

A lot of the time when we are the dream we neglect those around us. We justify it saying to ourselves, I wealthy I be more of an asset to their lives any way but this isn healthy.

It is really important to have very clear motivation. Money and just want to be rich, usually don cut it either. Speaking from my experience and to give an example of my I invest in real estate primarily because of two things.

There is nothing that makes me feel more alive than serving people and impacting the lives around me, and I want to be in a position where I can do that on a full time basis without having to worry about Nike Crew Elite Socks

It can be hard to answer them because, honestly, they will most likely mean change and might even go so far as to reveal how much time Nike Sportswear Tech Fleece Women's Pants

Today I speaking primarily to those just like me, who are starting out and are either in the rabid phase fortheir first rental property, working under a mentor in a wholesale or fix and flip business, or who is in some capacity in the beginning phase of their personal pursuit of real estate investing.

4 Difficult Questions Every Real Estate Investor Needs to Ask Themselves

Nike Gilet Mens

Nike Gilet Mens

Don allow the fear of being wrong or needing to change get in the way of your success and growth With that, let jump into it!

Nike Gilet Mens

taking care of my family financial needs.

you wasted.

This question is really sobering because it puts your values into perspective.

You see, your motivation can simply be want to be rich. How rich do you want to be? What does look like to you?

As an aspiring real estate investor, there are a ton of things that compete for our attention, our time and our effort.

1. What is the RealReason Behind WhyI Want to Invest in Real Estate?

Once you know, you can catch a vision and gain the needed drive to make the dream of being a full time real estate investor a reality.

Nike Gilet Mens

Nike Gilet Mens

I bet, if we were to be honest for a second, that 99% of us would say we be spending more time with our friends and family.

Though this is the case, a lot of you more experienced investors will benefit from this as well, as the following questions will help uncover things we all need to reflect on.

Nike Gilet Mens

2. If I Knew I Only had 1 Year to Live, what Would I Be Doing Different than I am Right Now, and What arethe Implications of That?

The 4Questions Every Investor Nike Pants Grey

Even more so, to others it looks like being stay at home parents who live 100% off of investments.

The following are pretty intense, soul searching questions that you need to ask yourself, but that can be extremely difficult to answer.

Nike Gilet Mens

Nike Gilet Mens

What motivates you?

Nike Gilet Mens

Nike Gilet Mens

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