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Known to many real estate investors in California as "the Dark Side of the Force," Blackstone may all but eliminate any opportunity for the small real estate investor to make money in 2013 and 2014.

end of the market and the increased competition and lower inventory has been a challenge. Instead of REO I been dealing with long short sales and bidding in the tax deed and foreclosure auctions. There always going to be Nike Jogger Womens deals, unfortunately they just getting harder to find for the moment. Areas like Orange County, have a market that is growing again, and homes are appreciating, so it wouldn make sense for them to come here. The question is, even with all those displaced by foreclosures, if an area doesn have an economy, who is going to rent all the houses?

Dawn A. , Those sound like excellent deals! Sounds like you also got a great deal on financing since you were able to get almost 100% of the funds via private money. Do you plan to keep the private money loans or refinance into more conventional financing down the line (although it might be difficult on lower priced properties)? What types of rates are you finding private money at?

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I throw in my 2 cents. At one of my local Sacramento REI meetings last week, Invitation Homes was present with the 2 Local Principal investor guys.

Even with $2B, Blackstone can only buy 13,000 $150K SFHs. I think that leaves like 80 million houses for the rest of us. And that doesn include units or MHs. Isn there anything else to buy? Like everything that doesn fit their criteria? Like everything in areas where they aren buying?

$2.1 B loan via Deutsche Bank AG. Blackstone has already invested over $3 B into the purchase of single family homes since 2012 for use as rental properties. This new loan will allow the group to take down another $2 B of inventory over the next 2 years.

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In my opinion, given the probable way this is going to end, if I currently owned rental property in some of these "hot" areas, I would be feeling pretty good about the mid term rental market. Not sure this good feeling would compell me to make a new buy there now however.

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wasn much of a conversation they were nervous).

Nike Jogger Womens

B Loan to Buy SFRs

I do not believe a sustainable housing recovery will be possible without the participation of homeowners.

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Nike Jogger Womens

Nike Jogger Womens

Invitation Homes is the company that is doing the buying for Blackstone. I believe Invitation Homes is in several markets as well.

As for making money in places where funds are active (they are very active where I am), lots of us are trying to buy what they won buy and then selling it to them. The appreciation is scary though. 11% rise in appreciating in one quarter is very much like the (last) Bubble.

Particularly in the Southern California, Las Vegas, and Phoenix markets, Blackstone has created what many are calling an "artificial mini bubble." With so many buyers coming off the sidelines in 2012, combined with representatives of hedge funds bidding up properties to above asking prices, it's no wonder that prices are continuing to rise in those markets.

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The funds buy mostly subdivision properties, with age and/or condition requirements, and rent return requirements. There is a known appreciation play in their strategy and that appreciation doesn and won exist everywhere. I doubt inner city Dayton investors are shaking in their boots.

The only real victims, IMO, are the owner occupant buyers. Putting aside the escalating appreciation and affordability issues, the average owner occupant offer is loan contingent and appraisal contingent. Selling to the best and highest offer with no contingencies and a 20 day close is hard for most of us to pass up.

They told us they bought 1500 homes in 6 months and they are NOT just focusing on SFR. They are interested in SFR and MFR as well. Didn mention anything about apartments but I took away that they aren focused on that. In addition to Sac County, they are also ACTIVELY looking in the neighboring 6 counties. They were solicitating the investors in the room for business and provided some interesting comments (because there Nike Mens Leggings

K. Marie Poe , I agree that there are only so many houses that the funds can buy. Also I wonder if their buying will be a very long term strategy or will they stop buying at some point. Maybe once they figure out a new "strategy" to manipulate the stock market?

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If you are a real estate investor who buys single family homes, you should sit up and pay attention. This newly announced deal will affect the future of your real estate business and could even put you OUT of business.

Places like Murrieta and Temecula were once bedroom communities, and people working in San Diego etc. commuted to their jobs because real estate was so expensive in San Diego, now, those same people find housing closer to work, and many of those that had homes foreclosed on left those communities for greener pastures, so . who rents all the homes?otherwise transform into something of much greater value

The broker experienced gentleman said they only close about 20% of the deals they submit for. Also mentioned that they aren going anywhere anytime soon because "real estate is hot". Around here they pretty much just buy 3/2 newer construction houses that need minor rehabs for 100 150k. It not the same thing I buy but it has effected every aspect of the market forcing the people in the middle either up or down. I buy a lot of rentals in the lower Nike White Socks Mens

Nike Jogger Womens

Blackstone, the largest real estate private equity fund, just consummated a

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