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1st true deal

You need to be sure exactly what it is going to cost you to build each house, materials, labor, all permit fees, etc. together with the cost of the loans, and make a decision as to whether there's enough to go around.

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Being conservative I estimate a profit of approximately $60k +or per build.

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Are utilities available at the street?

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The investor is someone my neighbor knows, I've never met him. I would be furnishing the land (Owned free and clear) and the investor is 100% of the money. It would be a silent investor type of transaction as my friend builds for a living and I will be assisting so the investor would be the financial backer.

What size are the lots?

another build. A 6 9 month turn around (currently it's about 4.5 months from start to close) is what I am aiming for.

My friend/GC would be the primary GC and I would be assisting and learning as much as I can and trying to lighten his work load bec. of his lower cost.

Have you checked with the City Planning and made sure that the lots are buildable lots? There's times when a lot may be considered a lot, based on old standards, and newer standards require more space for set backs, building, Nike Sweatpants Loose Fit

You say your friend that is the GC Nike Leggings Legend is going to build for you, will he be handling getting all the necessary permits, etc. too?

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We would do 1 build at a time, and try to time a 6month turn around so all 3 would take a year and a half. I figured it would be a $250 investment the it would be repaid with interest and if he felt comfortable throw that same $250k back into the ring for Nike Crop Top Sports Bra

Why didn't your friend that is the GC put the deal together himself?

He has built several of these houses and already has the plans draw up and they have been selling for $400k and his new builds will be going for approximately $415k as the first few were sold to establish the street.

So my first true deal (besides a raw land flip) will be a Nike V Neck Sports Bra

What size are the homes?

Is that common? And if so what amount is typically appropriate?

You say your friend has built other homes that have sold for $400k, were they in the same area?

Does the price quoted to build each home include all the fees? Landscaping? Pool?

spec build. Actually it'll turn out to be 3! My good friend is a builder and let me in on a deal that he knew of. I purchased an old house that I will tear down next month and I'm currently looking for investors. My neighbor is a new realtor (1yr in) and knows an interested investor and we're currently at the discussion phase. If we lock down the money, I'll probably pay her a finders fee ($1,000?)

Basically you're putting up around 25,000 per deal, and subordinating to a construction loan, meaning you get paid after the construction lender and paying all the fees. Have you thought about what happens if things go over budget? Who handles the money and makes disbursements?

I originally was looking to borrow $250k per build to leave room for unexpected costs, and I was offering 15% of the borrowed amount upon completion of the project (not APR) and no monthly payments. Currently these exact houses in the same neighbor hood/street are going under contract before he even breaks ground. You may be better off selling it the deal to investors one house at a time if the first one goes well, your initial investors may be happy to roll the money but you'd have to account for a longer hold period. Whether or not 15% is "fair" depends on how you structure the deal. not friends or family, will require north of a 20% total return on a 3 house spec build unless they have a senior lien position, in which case you may be alright at 15%.

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The lot is are all 3 build able lots. As i said the GC and a very good friend of mine is doing this very thing about 50 yards down the street and working towards me. All the lots are the exact same and already legally their own lot. This is the same exact subdivision (currently about 100 regular lots) and these new builds are town homes to fit the reduced lot size.


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