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On Tuesday night, Councilwoman Cris Welsh said she had prepared a statement, but she went off the script to address the crowded room of residents.

Alberstadt, who has lived in Kennesaw for 10 years after moving from Tallahassee, Fla., to Cobb, said some council members are her friends. But, Alberstadt said she shares "bad blood" with Mathews and other council members over past disagreements.

Welsh said her antagonists have accused Welsh of owing past due property taxes. Welsh said Tuesday night that during the slow economy she has tightened her belt and is paying the taxes in installments, just as other property owners have been forced to do.

"Despite what's gone on up here the last two and a half years, despite the tone that has been set," Welsh said the city staff has done an excellent job and the city has moved forward, with more positive news on the horizon.

The mayor versus the council

Welsh said Mathews has been condescending toward her during their conversations.

Nike Leggings Mens Basketball

Nike Leggings Mens Basketball

KENNESAW Two councilwomen and an outspoken supporter Tuesday night called for an end to what they see as bullying by Mayor Mark Mathews, accusing him of setting a tone that has divided the city.

Welsh won re election in 2011 for a second term and took office in January 2012. Her term expires at the end of 2015.

Mathews did not address the outcry by Alberstadt during the meeting, but said afterward he does not know what the real issue is.

Alberstadt firmly said that the bullying has to stop, or she will personally petition to have Mathews or members of the council recalled and removed from office.

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He said council members should "take responsibility" for their Nike Leggings Mens Basketball actions, matching what they say.

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to be hung in the foyer of city hall.

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Eileen Alberstadt, a familiar face at city meetings, said during the public comment portion of Tuesday night's council meeting that she was speaking on behalf of a group of concerned citizens who want to see the city "unite."

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Nike Leggings Mens Basketball

Mathews accused members of the council of not talking directly to each other or with him, instead using social media or supporters in the community to address issues and come down on one side or the other.

"When we divide, we cannot make progress," Williams said.

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And, for the majority of the time she has been on the council, Welsh said she has spent two and a half years "avoiding slings and arrows."

The infighting has caused Welsh to neglect her family and business, she said. Welsh has two young daughters, Isabelle and Shelby, and runs Eaton Chiropractic on Main Street in Nike Short Pants Mens

But, she asked those people not to make disagreements between Mathews and a council member personal.

But, she said, "the infighting has got to stop. It's the last thing we need. We are going to disagree on a lot of stuff, but we don't have to disagree and take it personally.

After the public meeting Tuesday night, each council member and Mathews posed and smiled to take a picture together Nike Tech Fleece Aeroloft Parka Women's Jacket

"I just want to finish up my final two years in peace."

And, each council member has supporters "who Nike Red Shorts

Mathews said any change in attitude by the council will be up to each individual.

"I feel like my actions and my words are consistent," Mathews said.

2 councilwomen resident accuse mayor of bullying

"I am not ashamed. I am not alone," Welsh said.

On Tuesday, Councilwoman Debra Williams said the council is composed of many personalities with strong convictions.

downtown Kennesaw.

"It has evolved into something where no one can pinpoint specifics," Mathews said. "For months I have asked to be called out on any actions of mine that are questionable."

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are going to defend us till the end," Williams said.

"I'm done with that," she said.

Welsh says 'stop the infighting'

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