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It sounds like the best way might just be to purchase/install a second furnace for the upper units and then individualize everything after. Does that sound right?

At yet another 2 unit, kept existing oil hot water boiler for 1 units and converted the other unit to gas hot air, all new ducts, central air and new gas HWH. Costs about $6,500. Oil heating costs were $6,500 a year, raised rent back up on new tenant, saved $6,500 per year payback 1 year, increased value of building at 10 cap by $65,000.

they get a refund with the split based on the number of residents per unit. Anything over $90 then they get a charge in the same fashion. I would not advise that you have a tenant pay for anything that they are not using. Having one tenant pay for the heating expense for the whole house is a risky move legally.

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One thing you could do to control costs is set a limit on your coverage. It would be difficult with heat as only one tenant controls the thermostat. For water I state that I will pay between $70 $90 a month for water and sewer bill. If the bill is lower than $70 then Nike Leggings Mesh

have plans in place to add a second furnace when the current furnace goes but there is no immediate need as the heating cost is built into rent.

At another 2 unit we were able to keep the existing hot air furnace, cutting off the ducts to the second floor and installing a new gas furnace in the attic. costs about $3,000.

What is the advantage of two systems versus one.? That is twice as much maintenance if you would install two. Gas for two separate units does cost more than gas for one unit.

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1 furnace gas heat in a duplex

I have a couple properties that have a single furnace for a upper lower duplex. I don't have much to complain about. I like to continually improve the energy efficiency of my properties. One such property is roughly $75/m year round for the gas furnace and one water heater (upper unit water heater). I Nike T Shirts Original

I have a couple of duplexes (upper and lower in each building) and each duplex has one furnace for both upper and lower units, I am paying the utilities right now, but would really like to have the tenants pay for heat. I have been trying to research cost effective ways of doing this, instead of installing a new furnace in each unit and then separate everything out ($$). Right now the lower unit has the lone thermostat which does both units. Ideally, if possible I would like to somehow install some sort of submeter for gas usesd by each unit and then put in a thermosta in the upper unit so they have direct control over their each, and then have the tenants pay for their own utilities. Does anyone have any advice/experience with a legal way to pass on the heating costs to my tenants without installing a whole new heating system for the upper unit. Thanks!!

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there is no quick way of doing this. Since you already have one heating unit in there is no need to install a "new furnace in each unit". You may have to install one additional unit , but that depends on how the system is set up. If it is a baseboard hit water system, are the units piped separately? If they are then it may be an easier fix. To tell you the truth I would leave it as is until you need to replace the system, but most boilers do last a very long time.

separate meter and they now pay for their own water and sewer.

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At a 2 unit building with a single gas boiler, we were paying about $3,600 for oil which included heat and domestic hot water, so it ran 365 days a year. Cost about $6,500 to install 2 new gas boilers and 2 new gas hot water heaters for domestic. Lowered tenant's rent $50 each right after installation costs $1,200, but saved $3,600 minus $1,200 = $24,000 yr. When new tenants moved in the rent was raised back up $50, savings per year $3,600. In less than 3 years conversion paid for, every year thereafter $3,600 increase in cash flow at 10 cap that equates to a $36,000 increase in building value.

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I agreed. I hate over complicated arrangements. In nyc, we have laws stipulate how situation like this is handled for regulated units, such as rent control rent stabilized. For unregulated, it's pretty much up to the lease. If the tenant fails to pay utility, the landlord is still responsible to keep the place heated and the hot water running.

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Legally, maybe. I am not a lawyer, but we do exchange considerations utility for a rent discount explicitly in the lease. Every market is different and we all read our local housing law. Just an idea, not a guaranteed solution.

I have been more concerned with water/sewer costs as they have been rising at a faster pace. I did take one property that had shared water and split the lines and had the utility add a Nike Training Bottoms

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