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Q: What issues do you think are the most important in your district and what will you do to address them?

Q: Do you feel there is a disconnect between voters and elected officials? If so how can that be changed?

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Cons: Doesn't live in the district, although he said he's planning on moving to the 4th whether he wins the 4th CD primary or not. Name recognition may be a problem, and some may consider him an outsider since he's only lived in Colorado since 2010.

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A: As president and chief operating officer of a large $500 million revenue business with over 2,000 employees in 54 locations, I was in charge of the transition team that negotiated the sale of the firm. While it was done at the peak of the market and at a record price for Nike Polo Black

A: Career politicians are destroying this country. They don't listen to the people, and they have spent way too much time in Washington, getting swallowed up by the corruption and the lobbyists and the evil in that city. I will be Colorado's man in Washington, not Washington's man from Colorado. The intolerable debt and rising prices will destroy this country. We must stop it now. Send me, Steve Laffey, and let me help rid Washington of the career politicians like Speaker Boehner. We need term limits for everyone. I will fight these career politicians and then return to our Colorado.

A: This disconnect was the focus for my documentary film, Fixing America. The people's anger is well warranted. We need term limits. No more of this "ruling class" in Washington, no more career politicians. The congressmen, senators and presidents of both parties have been destroying our country financially. They have allowed Communist China to grow in power and take over 3 million of our manufacturing jobs. "Made in the USA" should be our watchword. Let's stop the nonsense and balance the budget. Let's make stuff in America, keep the federal government out of our classrooms, doctor's offices, and pocketbooks and remain the world's greatest superpower.

QUESTION: Why do you feel you are the best candidate?

the shareholders, the best news was that through the sale, all of our employees had kept their jobs, and there were no layoffs. What a blessing from God.

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Kyle Saunders, political analyst from Colorado State University, and Dick Wadhams, former Colorado GOP chairman and Republican consultant, have analyzed the candidates for the Republican primary election on June 24 for the 4th Congressional District. Today they weigh in on Steve Laffey.

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Saunders: "Laffey has some money, but his poor performance at the (assembly) convention puts him in a similar, but better funded boat than (opponent) Barbara Kirkmeyer."

that was teetering on the brink of bankruptcy and taught the top finance class at a state university. I am the best person to help fix this financial crisis for our children before it's too late.

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ANSWER: As we all know, time grows short for this great republic. If these were normal times, we could send one of the other fine individuals running. But we have a financial crisis in Washington. I am a self made businessman with a proven track record of fixing financial crises. I was the past president of a $500 million revenue financial firm. I then fixed a city Nike Sleeveless Hoodie Women's

Q: What are you most proud of in your professional life?

Pros: Engaging and charismatic personality. Deep pockets with the most cash on hand (nearly $350,000) after the first quarter of fundraising. Just picked up a national endorsement from 2012 Republican candidate for president Herman Cain. Senate seat in Rhode Island. Passionate about solving the nation's debt.

4th Congressional District primary

a good congressman, but not having lived in Colorado very long and not living in the district really restricts his ability to make a serious move in this primary, but who knows?"

Wadhams: "He's certainly an interesting guy. He's got a very powerful personality, and he's got a big checkbook. I think he suffers from not having been in Colorado that long, and even more importantly he doesn't live in the district. I think that's a liability in a district like the 4th, a big liability. I think it's going to be hard to convince voters in the 4th that electing somebody who lives outside the district, even if it's just immediately outside the district, is something they want to do. I think it's a pretty big mountain to climb, but he does have Nike Shorts Orange the advantage of being able to write a big check from his own pocket for the campaign. He's a credible candidate. He would be Trousers Nike

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