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The accident happened at lunchtime, so few of the nearly 1,700 workers were on the site when the crane collapsed.

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The stadium was nearly finished before the collapse, which occurred when a construction crane crashed into a 500 ton metal structure. That structure then cut Nike Socks For Girls

SAO PAULO, Brazil Part of the stadium that will host the 2014 World Nike Women Leggings

It's scheduled to host six matches in all, including the opener and a semifinal.

It wasn't the first problem with World Cup stadiums in Brazil.

Sanchez said it appeared the structure of the stadium was not compromised, meaning there should be enough time to recover before the World Cup.

Other problems have seen heavy rains flood the construction site at Rio's Maracana Stadium last March, forcing the cancellation of a FIFA inspection visit. In May, a small part of the roof at Salvador's stadium collapsed from the weight of water that accumulated during a heavy rainstorm.

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Nike Sweatpants For Men

"I don't want to know about FIFA right now; we are worried about the families of the victims," said Andres Sanchez, former president of the Sao Paulo soccer club Corinthians, which is building the stadium. The club said workers will not return before a three day mourning period.

Six stadiums have already been declared ready for the games. But Brazil is racing against time to deliver the other six, and there is particular concern that the stadiums in Cuiaba, Manaus and Curitiba may not be ready by the end of December.

The accident at the Arena Corinthians, known locally as the Itaquerao, could hardly have come at a worse time just a week ahead of the draw that will determine the tournament's schedule and with the top names in soccer all descending on Brazil.

One worker died last year during construction of a stadium in the capital, Brasilia, and one was killed at the Manaus stadium last March.

Preparations have been plagued by setbacks including cost overruns, stadium delays, accidents, labour strife and huge street protests in the run up to the June tournament, once envisioned as a coming out party for South America's largest nation, which is also scheduled to host the 2016 Nike Sweatpants For Men Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.

2 killed after part of stadium hosting World Cup collapses

"Unfortunately nobody saw him," Sanchez said. "He was napping."

"If it hadn't been lunchtime there would have been many more deaths," said 32 year old Evandro Pereira. "It was really very scary."

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"Structurally very little was affected," he said.

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"Everything was being done according to procedure," said Frederico Barbosa, the site manager.

was supposed to be clear.

"There are seven months till the World Cup, not 10 days, so I don't believe this is going to cause delays. But there is absolutely no guarantee on this," Trade said in a telephone interview.

Cup opener collapsed Wednesday, killing two workers and aggravating already urgent concerns Brazil won't be ready for soccer's signature tournament.

One of the dead workers, 42 year old Fabio Luis Pereira, was inside a truck that was hit by the fallen metal structure. The other, 44 year old Ronaldo Oliveira dos Santos, was taking a break in an area that Nike Polo

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An official with construction company Odebrecht said a similar metal structure had already been installed with the same crane at the other side of the stadium earlier this year.

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through the outer walls of the venue, destroying part of the outside of the building and slamming into a giant LED panel that runs across the stadium's facade.

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Nike Sweatpants For Men

FIFA has said it would not accept the same delays that plagued stadium construction before soccer's Confederations Cup earlier this year, for which only two stadiums were ready on time.

The accident could lead to recriminations between local organizers and world soccer's organization FIFA, which has set a December deadline for all 12 World Cup stadiums to be ready. The tournament begins June 12.

A stonemason who was off at a cafeteria said it was lucky the accident happened when it did.

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Another worker died in April at the new Palmeiras stadium, which may be used for teams training for games in Sao Paulo. Construction there was stopped for 10 days for when damage that was not as serious as the destruction Wednesday at the Corinthians stadium.

"The sound was as loud as a thunderclap or a huge explosion," said Rodrigo Vessoni, a reporter with the sports newspaper Lance who witnessed the accident. "There was a lot of running around, a lot of shouting. It was frightening. Chills ran through my entire body."

A few months ago, a Brazilian labour judge halted work at the Arena da Baixada in Curitiba for nearly a week until an inspection team approved safety changes made by contractors.

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