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For example, drug overdoses accounted for 75% of unintentional poisoning deaths in 2008, with prescription drugs accounting for 74% of those overdoses.

Researchers found deaths caused by accidental poisoning and falls increased by 128% and 71%, respectively.

"Our finding that suicide now accounts for more deaths than do traffic crashes Nike Aeroloft Running Vest

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While public health efforts have curbed the number of car fatalities by 25% over the last decade, a new study shows suicide deaths rose by 15% during the same period.

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The top five leading causes of injury related deaths were:

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Death EvolvingIn the study, researchers looked at cause of death data from the National Center for Health Statistics from 2000 to 2009.

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In addition, deaths from unintentional poisoning and falls have also increased dramatically in recent years.

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echoes similar findings for the European Union, Canada, and China," they write.

1 Cause of Injury Death

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"Contrasting with disease mortality, the injury mortality rate trended upward during most of that decade," write the researchers.

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Researchers Nike Sweatpants Mens say deaths from unintentional poisoning rose, in part, because of a sharp rise in prescription drug overdoses.

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Nike Sweatpants Mens

"Comprehensive and sustained traffic safety measures have apparently substantially diminished the motor vehicle traffic mortality rate, and similar attention and resources are needed to reduce the burden of other injury," researcher Ian Rockett, PhD, MPH of West Virginia University and colleagues write in the American Journal of Public Health.

SuicideMotor vehicle crashesPoisoningFallsHomicideResearchers say the findings demonstrate that suicide is now a global public health issue.

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Nike Sweatpants Mens

The study also showed that women had a lower injury related death rate than men. Blacks and Hispanics had a lower rate of car fatalities and suicides, and a higher rate of homicides than whites.

Nike Sweatpants Mens

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