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Gates: "We didn't change. we chose not to get involved in that."

lie and an attempt to mislead NPR and the American public. Microsoft has for years supported this legislation and this year they changed their mind and are no longer supporting it. How in God's name is that not "changing" your position?

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Nike T-shirt For Boys

Nike T-shirt For Boys

Nike T-shirt For Boys

Nike T-shirt For Boys

I'd like to think Gates has just been misinformed by his staff, but he's a smart man and appears to know what he's talking about here. He seems to have intentionally lied to NPR, and that hardly bodes well for Microsoft's goodwill in handling this entire affair.

Sen. Patty Murray, D Wash., said she was reassured by Gates' promise that Microsoft was looking at ways to "revisit" its decision to take a neutral stance on the gay rights bill it had once championed.

is rich, and when it comes down to it, what really is the difference between Tom DeLay and you two money talks, doesn't it.

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Ok, that was an outright Nike Sb T Shirt Mens

The graphic shows a classic 4th Generation Politics / 2nd Stage network on network attack. The right network has seen an opening and it trying to tear apart the left network. For an example, I used Microsoft's abandonment of the Washington State Homosexualist Rights Bill. The goal of this sort of attack is to split the opposing network into opposing camps, furthering the attacker's cause.

Sen. Maria Cantwell, D Wash., said she was disappointed at the way the controversy has emerged especially given Microsoft's lengthy record in support of gay rights but was satisfied with the Gates' answers.

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NPR: "Was it a mistake to make the steps on the gay rights bill that you did, changing your support."

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More worthless, spineless Democrats in name only. These are your own God damn constituents he sold out, not to mention he's giving fuel to the religious right nationwide, and you couldn't give a damn, could you, Senators? Then again, Gates Nike Joggers

"They have a huge portfolio" of issues that are important to the company and cannot be expected to push all of them at the same time, she said.

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As if Microsoft is the movement and homosexualists are the sponsor!

Update: More good news from America Blog. I'll quote it in full

Nike T-shirt For Boys

So WTF was Gates talking about with NPR today?

Nike T-shirt For Boys

I hate to say "lie" because I wanted to trust Gates on all of this. He really has been great on gay issues, and his foundation has been tremendous on AIDS funding. And he personally supports the state gay rights bill. And all of that is great.

For homosexualism to win, it needs an peaceful ideological network willing to push its political agenda. To do this it needs sponsors and allies, such as Microsoft. The left's attack on Microsoft is stupid it alienates Nike T-shirt For Boys a key ally while splitting its own movement.

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