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judge obviously thought ten days was a reasonable amount of time for you to wait for the bills that you are going to have to pay. (Please notice it also says within ten days of receiving the bills. I have had to wait as long as two months for a bill to actually show up from my doctor office.)

Nike T Shirts Cr7

The judge suggested that if she didn need the money when she got the bills, that he could change the divorce decree to reflect that I didn need to pay them for an equal amount of time. (This court date was also the one where he changed physical custody to me instead of her, so it no longer mattered about the medical/dental bills. I just paid them when I got them and didn even try to get her to pay her share.)

I have two children that I have custody over. Nike T Shirts Cr7 My divorce decree states that my ex husbands owes for 50% of all medical /dental expenses. Since I had the kids, I paid the copays or the medical bills. My ex husband. My problem is that when the divorce decree was written my son had not been diagnosed with Autism. He has. I filed for bankruptcy and ex could not be put on it.

2 of my childrens medical bills if my ex does not send them to me as ordered in our Final Divorce Decree

Nike T Shirts Cr7

How can an ex wife continue to send my husband to collections when she doesn pay the kids bills? My ex has custody of 1 of the 3 minor children in the Divorce she has the other 2?we are in.

Nike T Shirts Cr7

Nike T Shirts Cr7

Nike T Shirts Cr7

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Final Divorce decree in 04 staets that starting in 2010 i pay my ex 250month towards her student loan totaling up to 10,000.0. Final Divorce decree in 2004 states that starting in 2010 i pay my ex 250 a month up to 10,000.00.

Do I have to pay 1/2 of my childrens medical bills if my ex does not send them to me as ordered in our Final Divorce Decree? In our divorce decree it says that she is suppose to send all bills, receipts and explanation of benefits to me withing 10 days of receiving them. Then I am suppose to pay my half within 10 days of receiving them from her. She never sends these things to me within 10 days, it usually 6 12 months after going to dr. and I have never received an explanation of benefits paid by the insurance company from her, even though I have requested them on numerous occasions.

Nike T Shirts Cr7

Nike T Shirts Cr7

Can a judge order a amended Divorce decree from 2 yrs ago I live in wv and have been Divorced for almost 2 yrs now my ex wife is trying to get an amended.

stack of bills totaling $400 $500 and want me to pay it right then.

Nike T Shirts Cr7

Is there a statute of limitation on medical co pays an ex spouse owes to the Parent of child in Maryland.

I do NOT think eight months is a reasonable amount of time. This sounds like she just wants to make things as difficult for you as possible. Unfortunately, the only remedy for behavior like this is to take her back to court. (I KNOW, I had to do that several times before my ex believed what the orders stated pertained to her as well as me!)

Nike T Shirts Cr7

Abuse If your court documents state ten days, then the Nike Red Joggers

Nike T Shirts Cr7

Under your circumstances, I would probably consider three months to be about my limit on reasonable. Anything later than that, she can foot it herself! (Keep copies of all documents, as well as dated envelopes that she sent the documents in. You may need them to show the judge.)My ex would do something similar to this with medical bills. She would hold onto them until she knew I was either strapped for cash, or we had both just gotten a bill from our attorneys. THEN she would send me a Nike Tech Fleece Jogger Green

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I did it her way for a couple of years, then got tired of it. I refused to pay on the next stack of bills that she should have given me nine months earlier. She took me to court over it, and the judge ask her why she held on to the bills for so long. Her reply? She didn need the money at the time the bills came in, so she waited until she DID need it to send them to me.

and Divorce decree My ex husband has filed bankruptcy and he owes me money for our children outstanding.

Nike T Shirts Cr7

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