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comparison, statistics for Edmonton Public Schools indicate the average class size for kindergarten to Grade 3 students in 2010/2011 is at 19.8 students, also above the provincial guidelines of 17.

for Edmonton Catholic Schools Lori Nagy.

"I think the class size up to 20 is OK, anything more than that is just too much," one parent told CTV News.

Some parents worry the increase in class sizes may limit the amount of teacher student interaction time.

"A lot of that is being driven by the increase in births in the province in the past five and six years," said Hancock.

The provincial budget is set to be made public in about a month. Hanock says while education and health care are considered Nike Tank Top Red critical areas, money is tight and all programs will be looked at to see where changes can be made.

Class sizes for other grades have stayed at about the same numbers for a few years. Although high school class sizes appear to be creeping up at Edmonton Public Schools.

The minister calls the increase disappointing. The steady increase in enrolment in the younger grades is primarily due to the baby boom.

According to Edmonton Catholic Schools, for 2010/2011, the average class size for kindergarten to Grade 3 students in Catholic schools sits at 19.9 students, which is above the provincial guidelines set by the Alberta Commission on Learning.

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at 19.3

3 students in schools higher than provincial guidelines

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New numbers show the average class sizes for kindergarten to Grade 3 students is higher than the provincial guidelines.

Officials with Edmonton Public Schools say principals are trying to make class sizes manageable.

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"The one area we are slightly above is the kindergarten to Grade 3, so that average is just above what the guidelines say," said spokesperson Nike Shorts Cheap

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"We were concerned last year that the key area, the K to three population is where we weren't meeting, so we re jigged the formula last year to focus on the K to 3 and we hope it'll have impact," said Education Minister Dave Hancock.

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"I believe we've done as much as we possibly can with the resources we have. It would always be nice to make them a little bit lower but we think that this is really a manageable number for us," said Edgar Schmidt, superintendent for Edmonton Public Schools.

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Since 2008, class sizes for kindergarten to Grade 3 students in public schools have been on the climb. Three years ago, the average class size was Nike Sweatpants Sale

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