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I am not from the USA so I can't speculate on exactly how social security/welfare works.

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A seller I'm buying a house from is concerned about becoming ineligible for food stamps and Medicaid when I buy the second property on his land due to receipt of a large sum of cash.

Firstly, I'm not asking for legal advice, so any replies don't need a disclaimer :)


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A week laterI receiveda phone call from yet another division of Social Services to qualifythecouple for public Leggings Nike For Men

I'm paying 30K to him and 30K to his sister. He asked if there was a way I could pay him $1000 a month over an extended period instead of all upfront so he could keep his benefits. Can an uncomplicated contract be written up for an arrangement like this?

In my sellers case, I feel he is in genuine need. He is nearly 80 with various health problems, recently spent 4 months in hospital and has no income. He was playing the piano at the church on Sundays for income but they found someone else to replace him when he was in hospital. Nike Winter Coats For Boys He doesn't qualify for social security as he owns a vacant plot of land in South Carolina. The man has a $10,000 credit card debt currently as he needed to pay bills.

My investor partner has a rental thatSection 8 subsidizes ($65/month) towards the $650/mo rentfor a singlewoman 'struggling' in a mediocre job.

3 years so he won't lose his food

I find your comment 'Food Stamps are for people whom are poor. Not for people who sell houses and pocket $30,000.'

Great system !!!!

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I've almost never seen anyone in such genuine need who isn't getting the assistance he should be. Not for people who sell houses and pocket $30,000.

John is almost as poor as it gets. Minus his $10,000 credit card debt and the $30,000 from the proceeds of the sale becomes $20,000. So he 'pockets' a whopping $20,000 and you're suggesting his wealthy?

Several weeks agoI received an inquiry from Social Services topre qualify this couple kids for 'free'Health care. I had to fax a letter to the woman at SSexplaining the assignment of rentsconcept. She then responded with several inanequestions but was satisfied that the couple were NOT receiving income from the properties YET their mortgage(s) is being paid down???

5 years agoI sold 2 rental properties to a couple who justfell on 'hard times'. I hold the Note(s) on both havingexercised thesigned assignment of rentsI 'reluctantly'manage the properties.

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I'm taking him to the hospital today for another appointment and have been taking him food. His own house is absolute squaller and he doesn't even have an AC in the overbearing Miami heat.

Nike Winter Coats For Boys

Nike Winter Coats For Boys

with all of the above replies about people abusing the system.

Nike Winter Coats For Boys

I'd also like to mention that he is a lovely, honest and extremely moral human being.

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She got fired for theft now unemployed ( a trial)Section 8 is paying my partner$750/month because she also took in her aging mother ?????

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The old man (let's call him 'John') told me there is a question in the application form which asks 'Do you own any other property apart from your primary residence?'. As he answered yes, he was ineligible for government assistance.

We collectthe rents ($2300) the 'income' is used for maint/repairs, tax etc escrow anything left is used topay downtheir mortgage(s).

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assistance, including food stamps, Heap etc etc. This womanaskme many of the same questions but could not access the letter I had previously faxed the earlierwoman regarding the Healthcare issue sits down the hall. I spent 10 minutes explaining the concept of an assignment of rents. Her interpretation was "OK I get it they don't receive any money because you collect it keep it". It's insulting to those of us paying for these freeloaders. What a Nike Tee

I just wentthrough a similar scenario (although somewhat different than your peopleactuallyholding a note).

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